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Naples: little girl falls at home and risks having her arm amputated, saved by doctors

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A trivial fall at home and Sara (fictitious name to protect his privacy) risked losing an arm. Her life could have changed if a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists and surgeons from the Santobono-Pausilipon and the Ospedale del Mare (ASL Napoli 1 Centro) had not promptly intervened with a complex surgical operation. It all started when the little girl, accompanied by her parents, arrived at the emergency room of the Santobono Hospital. A painful accident, but apparently nothing serious. The first diagnosis spoke, in fact, of a displaced humeral fracture of the lower part of the arm. «One of the most common skeletal lesions of the elbow region in pediatric age», the doctors underline.

As per procedure, in these cases, the Santobono staff nevertheless activated the diagnostic care process and, from the scheduled tests (X-ray, Doppler ultrasound and vascular CT scan) performed in the emergency room, a more serious situation emerged than expected: "The bone fractured had moved forward until it almost protruded under the skin with consequent strangulation of the humeral artery." In practice, the forearm and hand were no longer supplied with blood with the risk of the limb going into necrosis. And in that case it would have been necessary to proceed with an amputation. The team of the complex vascular surgery unit of the Mare hospital directed by Dr. Gennaro Vigliotti was immediately contacted. Thanks to timely intervention it was possible to heal the bone fracture and decompress the compromised artery.

the operation, lasted over eight hours, was carried out by the doctor Pasquale Guida, director of the complex Orthopedics operational unit of the Aorn Santobono-Pausilipon in synergy with the team of the complex Vascular Surgery operational unit of the Mare hospital, composed of doctors Fabio Spinetti e Daniela Di Lella. “The synergy between healthcare companies made possible, in a very short time, a highly complex intervention, allowing the little patient to return to leading a normal life”, commented Rodolfo Conenna, general director of Aorn Santobono-Pausilipon.

“The little girl is well, she passed the post-operative phase brilliantly and is completely recovered”, underlined the general director of the ASL Napoli 1 Centro, Ciro Verdoliva. “She was also able to return to her great passion, swimming, thanks to the excellent collaborative work carried out by the staff of the two healthcare companies. I believe our most sincere thanks should go to all of them,” concluded Verdoliva. Also touching are the words of the mother of the little patient who, in recent days, sent a letter of thanks to the two teams of doctors who operated on Sara: "At the end of this bad adventure - we read - I will never stop thanking the doctors, only for the professionalism shown on more than one occasion, but above all for the humanity and disinterested affection with which they gave themselves".

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