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Naples: the Financial Police arrests three people for excise crimes

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The financiers of the provincial command of Finance Guard of Naples, as a result of investigative activities coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Nola, have executed an order ordering the house arrest of three suspects and the seizure of valuables for 1,2 million euro, as well as a commercial fuel depot and six tankers, as they were instrumental in the commission of the crimes. The investigations by the Nola group - according to a note - were started following the seizure on the road of a tanker carrying automotive diesel in a quantity far greater than that indicated in the accompanying documents. The resulting investigations subsequently crystallized a fraudulent mechanism through which fuels of illicit origin in evasion of excise duties were released for consumption. In particular, the Yellow Flames Nolane have reconstructed numerous episodes which occurred at the hands of a commercial warehouse located in the municipality of Acerra (NA) which made use of a compliant transport company, based in cercola (NA). The fuel of illicit origin, once it left the depot without the documentation required by the excise legislation, was unloaded using previously identified company tankers.

An important role was played by a third company, also operating in the fuel trading sector, which, by acting as an accounting warehouse for excise duty purposes, made it possible to shield the illicit origin of the fuels purchased from the commercial warehouse. To be struck by precautionary measure staff were the legal representatives of the commercial warehouse, the transport company and the accounting warehouse. As a result of the investigations, significant damage to the Treasury coffers was ascertained as, from December 2021 to February of the following year, there was a total of 1.366.981 liters of diesel being illegally released for consumption in the Campania region for automotive use and 536.694 liters of super unleaded petrol, which produced excise duty evaded amounting to a total of 1.234.902 euros. Based on the investigative elements collected, the investigating judge at the Court of Nola in the order also ordered the preventive seizure aimed at protecting money for a value equal to the amount of excise duty evaded, allowing, in case of unavailability of money, the seizure, for an equivalent value, of goods attributable to the four suspects. During the operations, financial assets from credit institutions were seized for 630.386 euros, as well as company shares, for a value of 604.515 euros. The provision issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Nola, at the request of the local prosecutor's office Republic, intervenes in the preliminary investigation phase and is based on provisional charges, supported by serious indications of guilt, which must in any case be confirmed in the hearing and in subsequent levels of judgement. Therefore, the subjects under investigation, recipients of precautionary measures, are to be considered presumed innocent until the irrevocable sentence ascertains their guilt.

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