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Mattarella remembers Napolitano: "Deep pain, the entire nation's condolences to the family"

"He interpreted the role of guarantor of the values ​​of our community with fidelity to the Constitution and acute intelligence"

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The death of Giorgio Napolitano "pains me deeply and, while I express to his memory the most intense feelings of gratitude of the Republic, I address the condolences of the entire nation to his family". The President of the Republic states this, Sergio Mattarella, remembering the figure of the President Emeritus, Giorgio Napolitano, passed away today.

“Elected to the highest magistrates of the State, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Senator for life, President of the Republic for two terms, Giorgio Napolitano, has interpreted with fidelity to the Constitution and acute intelligence the role of guarantor of the values ​​of our community, with heartfelt attention to the requests for renewal present in society. Devoted to the cause of workers, his action to combat the spiral of deaths at work was inexhaustible” he adds.

“From his exposure, in his youth, to the stimulating Neapolitan cultural environment, to his adhesion to the anti-fascist cause and the communist movement, to his commitment to the development of Southern Italy and the lower social classes, up to his convinced Europeanist work and the strengthening of values of democracies, President Napolitano has played significant battles for social development, peace and progress in Italy and Europe" continues the Head of State. “Member of the European Parliament, and President of its Constitutional Affairs Commission, he promoted the strengthening of community institutions for an increasingly authoritative and united Europe,” he added.

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© Agenzia Nova - Reproduction reserved


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