Lombardy litmus test of the steadfastness of the majority

The point of the director Riccardo Bormioli

Salvini regional Lombardy

Five days before the elections in Lazio and Lombardy, there are some concerns among the ranks of the government majority. Not so much on the final result, Roll e Fontana among their competitors, at least according to the latest polls, they maintain a gap that does not question their victory, but rather the consensus that opinion polls attribute to the single parties of the centre-right coalition. What is worrying is the feeling that the Brothers of Italy, especially in Lombardy, can, as already with the policies of last September 25, score full votes. One of the latest opinion polls even hypothesizes that the party of Giorgia Meloni can collect three times the sum of the consents of Lega and Forza Italia. A nightmare scenario for Matteo Salvini.

A picture that could have repercussions not only on the structures of via Bellerio but also on the government. Among the leaders of the League, the dead-line is ten percent: below that threshold it would be a catastrophe and a sign that the Brothers of Italy, estimated at over 32 percent, is growing to the detriment of the Northern League. And perhaps, according to some managers of via Bellerio, not even the differentiated autonomy that the government has approved and whose constitutional reform decree will be discussed in parliament, will be able to stem the decline in consensus. Among other things, the feeling that is felt is that Autonomy is no longer such a heartfelt theme in the Northern League electorate, at least in Lombardy. Perhaps the fault of the Lombard health disaster after the explosion of the pandemic. If anything, the issue of autonomy is felt to be fundamental in Veneto.

If the polls are confirmed by the electoral result, new scenarios of tension and controversy risk opening up for the government and the centre-right coalition. First of all, Giorgia Meloni is aware of this, who spent a lot of money on the Northern League candidate Attilio Fontana and which will close the electoral campaign in Milan. In short, in Lombardy not only Matteo Salvini's fate is at stake but also the unity of a government which after the first three months was based above all on the decision-making of the premier.

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